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Main Office

Hours: by appointment

Designed as a reflection of local municipal interior spaces, DoR's Main Office is a meeting place and flex space for the Department of Reflection and our residents, giving the public insight into our current research and work. Exchange around  sea level rise and climate change mitigation efforts, and their effects locally, regionally, and globally is encouraged via:

  • Interactive installations

  • Public events

  • Booklegger's Library

  • and more!

  • Collaborators include (as of 2021): Jenna Balfe, Oscar Bustillo, Paola Cassola, Domingo Castillo, Mie Frederikke Fischer Christensen, Kayla Delacerda, Cara Despain, Chris Dougnac, Rebecca Friedman, Dennis Brewster Fuller, A.G. (Alan Gutierrez), Angel Garcia, GeoVanna Gonzalez, Rob Goyanes, Miles Hancock, Loni Johnson, Elite Kedan,  David Kudzma, Najja Moon, Jessica Mueller, Julian Pardo, Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo, Victoria Ravelo, Glenda Romualdo, Sterling Rook, Nathaniel Sandler, Nicole Salcedo, Nina Sarnelle, Tom Scicluna, Ayesha Singh, Willa Smart, Laurencia Strauss, R. Borealis Taimond (aka Bow Ty), Samuel Tommie, J.M. Urbina, Janese Weingarten,Sue Welch, Agustina Woodgate, Sasha Wortzel, Armando Zamora, Archival Feedback, Bookleggers Library, Donzii, The Greater Miami Bureau of Time Tourism, The Institute of Queer Ecology, Loading Festival, Project Art Distribution (P.A.D.), Talent Costume Dept., Bridge Deconstruction Special Historical Officers: Riley Ford, Philip Cardella, Juan Lopez, and Susanna Perez; and FIU CARTA Students: Shannon Bishop, Sandra Botros, Oriana Leon, Busra Sari, Jadayne Smith, and Valentyna Willard.

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