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De-Code Compliance

The Department of Reflection's De-Code Compliance Team has been assessing publicly accessible outdoor areas since the Spring of 2021. Who does our public infrastructure truly serve and how are these dynamics visibly apparent in our common areas? How can we collectively better address these concerns? DoR's De-Code Compliance Team (currently  Jenna Balfe, Najja Moon, and misael soto) conducts exploratory field research to find out the answers to these and other questions via alternative methods. The public is invited to watch and engage with us as we work. Findings are offered to related institutions afterwards. 


Previous De-Code Compliance Assessments


April 17, 2021

Special Commission on Roads

8th Street & Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

with team members Jenna Balfe, Najja Moon, and misael soto

August 21, 2021

Project Art Distribution (P.A.D.), SoHo, New York City (as part of DoR to Door)

with team member misael soto

Our De-Code Compliance Team was on hand to audit Project Art Distribution's operations, assessing the project’s relationship to the municipality and beyond as both a DIY institution and member of the community.

August 31, 2021

Dimensions Variable, Miami

with team members Jenna Balfe, Najja Moon, and misael soto

February 2-6, 2022

Deering Estate, Miami (as part of Prelude to 2100)

with team members Jenna Balfe and misael soto

Taking place at the Deering Estate over the course of four nights, team members Jenna Balfe and misael soto conducted exploratory field research along the driveway, pathways, and common areas of the historically preserved estate to unearth layers of usage history, enhancing our understanding of its place in contemporary and future Miami. 

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