"Venetian Islands" - Boat & Trolly Tours with Considered to be Allies

Including Public Input

April 9, 2022
2-6pm (tours every 30 minutes)

Maurice Gibb Park, Miami Beach

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For the Department of Reflection's first Fieldwork: Tour we've invited expert outsiders Considered to be Allies to Miami, specifically Miami Beach's Venetian Islands, and asked them to help us investigate the famed millionaire mounds and surrounding waters, including Isola di Lolando, the Venetian Island that never was. Via mirrored tours happening simultaneously, one on a trolley bus and another on a small boat, the woman and her colleague will guide participating residents in a hands-on presentation of their findings, including public input collected by DoR.


Their Mission:

  1. To help us distinguish the past from the present, the present from the future, and the future from the past.

  2. To further our understanding of the Venetian Islands as wholly man-made land masses in relation to other man-made things.

  3. To remind us of the strengths (and weaknesses) inherent in our hyper-local perspectives.

  4. To find the truth, the lies, the truth in lies, and the lies in truths.

  5. To facilitate reflection.

How You Can Help:

  1. Answer the open call for public input (We sincerely thank all those who submitted entries!)

  2. Take the tour(s)

  3. Turn in your amended script before leaving

Sketches and reference pictures for Considered to be Allies Venetian Islands
Sketches and reference pictures for Considered to be Allies Venetian Islands

Considered to be Allies, Preparatory sketches and references, 2021-2022.

Begun in 2020, Fieldwork is a nomadic series of site-responsive programming at unique locations. Sparking dialogue between self and site, each Fieldwork provides insight into a location’s histories and its place in our contemporary community. And staying true to its name, at each Fieldwork visitors are invited to conduct their own fieldwork, facilitated through various means, contributing to our communal understanding. Fieldwork has subsequently expanded, going virtual with Fieldwork: Dispatches and expanded again with Fieldwork: Tours.


This program is made possible with support from the City of Miami Beach and the Danish Arts Foundation.