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Arts Administrators Survey

Students are challenged throughout their academic endeavors. They are challenged intellectually, economically, emotionally, and beyond... as are professors, in just as many if not more ways as they're tasked with the challenge of continuously, productively challenging their students. With all of this said, the disconnect between this embodied understanding and the administrative side of arts education is stark. Like a brain/body disconnect, too often do school administrations misunderstand their artist educators and budding artist students, at times leading to a kind of misdiagnosis of problems and even resentment between the two sides. We believe this to be especially true within larger institutions. 

And so, we wish to challenge you, the administrators, principals, deans, and chairs to be a little more like artists... at least for the length of this survey. The Department of Reflection has specially formulated a set of questions and tasks for art school administrators. These are to be performed in the comfort of your office or desk, shouldn't take more than 20 minutes of your time, and may be completed over the course of several sessions (though it is preferable that it be completed all at once).

We're convinced that this set of exercises will help administrators see their roles anew, from the outside and from deep within, and from the perspective of artists, students, and professors... those they ostensibly work with and for.

We look forward to hearing and learning from you.



misael soto (Director, Department of Reflection)