August 21, 2021

DoR to Door

Project Art Distribution (P.A.D.)

Munsee Lanape Land (also colloquially known as SoHo, NYC, NY, USA, Earth)

11 am - 7ish pm

with Angel Garcia, Archival Feedback, A.G., Cara Despain, Domingo Castillo, GeoVanna Gonzalez, Janese Weingarten, Jenna Balfe, Loading Festival, misael soto, Nicole Salcedo, Nina Sarnelle, Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo, Talent Costume Dept., and Willa Smart

The transportation and sale of goods is an integral part of the dialogue which the Department of Reflection undertook earlier this year with its Special Commission on Roads. As part of our investigation Project Art Distribution (P.A.D.) asked artists to explore this through the transportative journey of flying works from Brooklyn (New York) to South Beach (Miami). P.A.D. took their project on the road, the work was ‘of the road’, and the exhibition took place next to the road. Now we present its foil (Miami to New York) and return the favor! DoR has organized a collection of Miami-based (and adjacent) artists with the assistance of Loading Festival for an exhibition, sale, exchange, investigation, and assessment all rolled into one. The director of the Department of Reflection, misael soto, has transported the work of collaborators to the SoHo neighborhood of New York City, NY where they'll be exhibited from 11 to 7ish. An exchange of ideas, goods, and services now comes full circle with contributions from some of DoR's best and brightest past collaborators.


Our De-Code Compliance Team will be on hand to audit Project Art Distribution's operations, assessing the project’s relationship to the municipality and beyond as both a DIY institution and member of the community. Findings will be applied internally and shared publicly afterwards. 



August 31, 2021

De-Code Compliance Assessment

Dimensions Variable, Miami


with team members Jenna Balfe and Najja Moon

The Department of Reflection’s De-Code Compliance Team (Jenna Balfe, Najja Moon, and misael soto) will be conducting exploratory field research at Dimensions Variable, an artists-led Miami non-profit space, and your input is welcome and encouraged. Who does our public infrastructure truly serve and how are these dynamics visibly apparent in our common areas? How can Dimensions Variable, with help from the Department of Reflection, better address these concerns? Watch and engage with us as we work, which will conclude with a presentation of findings.


As a new team member and studio resident of Dimensions Variable, misael soto and The Department of Reflection will be hosting different events with DoR's mission in mind. Stay tuned for more.

Date TBD

Reflection Tours

Miami Beach

Join us as we takeover one of the City of Miami Beach's Trolleys and hire a boat, taking two distinct yet complimentary tours of historical, hidden, and future South Beach landmarks, giving participants a better sense of what came before we called this land Miami Beach and what is to come. 


Najja Moon conducting De-Code Compliance fieldwork in South Beach, Miami Beach, FL on April, 2021. Taken by Diana Larrea.