July 2021, Dimensions Variable

De-Code Compliance

with team members Jenna Balfe and Najja Moon

The Department of Reflection's De-Code Compliance Team will be deployed at Dimensions Variable, Miami. We will be conducting exploratory field research in and around their building and immediate neighborhood. Who does our public infrastructure truly serve and how are these dynamics visibly apparent in our common areas? Watch and engage with us as we work! Everyone's input is welcome and encouraged.

September, 2021, Miami Beach

Trolley Takeover

Join us as we takeover one of the City of Miami Beach's Trolleys and take a tour of South, Mid, and North Beach that will give participants a better sense of what came before we called this land Miami Beach and what is to come. 


Najja Moon conducting De-Code Compliance fieldwork in South Beach, Miami Beach, FL on April, 2021. Taken by Diana Larrea.